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200th post

2012 November 7
by dena

this is our 200th post. thats pretty impressive for 2 college girls with jammed packed life who just happen to blog on the side. you know what else is impressive? all the feedback we’ve got. this blog started back in january as a little baby best friend thing to do. we figured that since we already do EVERYTHING together, why not find a new outlet for people to get to know us/ for us to look cool. we stared off doing outfit posts and posting homemade recipes and crafts – and well, since january a few things have changed. we currently post under the umbrella of “scene bloggers” updating friends and strangers alike to goings on in the houston area, all from our kooky perspective. who knows how PanchoandLeftey will morph in the future, hopefully it’ll just get bigger and better and we’ll get more popular and someday we’ll be FAMOUS. (btw- thats totally dena’s goal)

back to real life – as a little seasonal treat and celebration for our 200th blog post here are some photos of dena + mak + the bf that you probably haven’t seen yet. enjoy. and keep following panchoandleftey !!!

1. makenzie + dena on the first day of our last year of college. we had a bitter sweet moment, until we realized we were running late and had to speed to school  //  2. mak + the bf working on some zine-ies in dena’s ruth room (back before it was finished)  //  3. earlier this season dena’s little puppy dog was really sick, she took this picture when she was SURe pixy was going to die. welp, she did’t. she’s fine now  //   4. houston skyline, headed south on houston ave.  //  5. mak + dena + the bf at black hole celebrating tony’s GRE scores and getting ready to go to the counter crawl 666  // 6. dena + the bf at brazos bend, little camping-mini-cation  //  7. goofball raccoon and tired bff at a halloween party  //  7. more brick-a-brack in dena’s room  //  8.  dena + mak at a first friday pot luck coolhousenickandthanksforhosting!!!  //  9. dena’s bf’s tattoo . probably one of her favorite tattoos of all time. you rock it tony  //  10. bf + mak at a friend’s “pop up art show” being silly.

.dena + mak.

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  1. Andrew Cobb permalink
    November 7, 2012

    Ya’ll are real tight. That is some sweet art in the last photo!

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