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houston events calendar: december 10 – 16, 2012

2012 December 10
by dena

calendar of events IN HOUSTON for the week of december 10 – 16, 2012

here is this weeks event’s calendar along with some pictures from my saturday night. HAUS rented 2 pedal party bikes and rode around houston’s lights in the heights. hope none of my house mates are mad i used these pictures – i tried not to pick any inappropriate ones … also, you can be sure mak or i will be at the ones in mermaid-blue-green.

monday december 10, 2012

tuesday december 11, 2012

wednesday december 12, 2012

thursday december 13, 2012

friday december 14, 2012

saturday december 15, 2012

sunday december 16, 2012

one of the most EXCITING parts of the night was the “baby bird mom” sighting at antidote. in case you weren’t sure, this proves she is a real person. if you don’t already follow the bleu bird vintage houston blog family, then i don’t know where you’ve been the past few years. ms. james (the mom in the white/black striped shirt reaching for jemma bird) is pretty much a world wide lifestyle blogger sensation. mak and i met her one time at Fitz along with our friend brandi of muchmuchobuenobueno but we got real nervous and even though i think i remember us talking, we probably just ended up making gurguling sounds, we were so nervous. so yep.

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