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after christmas camping trip tradition

2012 December 31
by dena

DSC_0822every year, well more like this and last year, the bf and i go camping at a texas state park. we lucked out last year with pretty mild weather. this year though, was WAY cold and i’ll admit  i’m pretty wimpy and didn’t really have all that much fun with the actual camping part. last year we stayed at stephan f austin park and this year drove a bit farther to guadalupe state park (near san antonio).


DSC_0193(this is us last year. look how much we’ve grown. actually that was a joke, but look how cute we are. thats a fact)


DSC_0768we had sleeping mats, sleeping bags, and a couple of layers of THICK blankets. i went to bed with numb toes and woke up sweating. the best part was the night hike friday night. it was lead by one of the park rangers. we walked a 2 mile trail under the full moon, called for owls and watched for wild life. it sounds more romantic than it really was, in reality it was freakin’ cold and i was grumpy and the other hikers were elementary school boy scouts and their parents.




DSC_0781this is what “trying to be warm and not caring who’s lookin” looks like. btw thats 4 layers looks like.




DSC_0826this is down by the actual guadalupe river. it was nice being the only ones around and yet i still wish it was 20+ degrees warmer.


DSC_0802on our way back we stopped by makenzie’s grandparents house in lockhart to get some quality bff hang out time. my mom couldn’t believe we hung out with each other on our own individual vacations, but we could.

DSC_0813tonight’s NEW YEARS EVE and i’m getting ready for the BIG PARTY at Ruth House. there are already decorations hung up and food set out on the dinning room table. after a few more spec’s runs we’ll be all set.

happy new years internet friends, see you in 2013.

d + m


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  1. MAK permalink
    December 31, 2012

    Literally laughed at the stick hand pictures.

  2. Sandy Douglass Abalos permalink
    January 1, 2013

    I hope you brought that cool driftwood home!

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