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3 year best friend anniversary: the story of dena and makenzie

2013 January 25
by dena

the story of dena and makenzie :

makenzie and dena met their freshman year of college. they were across the hall dorm neighbors. dena had taken some summer classes before the start of freshman year, so she already knew a bunch of folks, and to put it plainly she was POPULAR. makenzie didn’t know anyone, and was intemidated by dena and her BIG personality. little did makenzie know, dena thought it was cool how she propped her door open with text books and WOW she had a macbook – automatic pointage.

on their first incounter makenzie tried to weird dena out by telling her she hear that people get their lips and eyelids sewn shut at Numbers Nigh Club. dena showed off that she had never seen any of that the times she had been there. they had impressed the other and although they didn’t talk much again until the next semester. they were fast friends.

during the week of january 25 2010 – dena and makenzie had their first week of being best friends. they went out every single night that week  and were the center of attention  at every single venue. (actually everyone probably either thought they were annoying or invisable now that they think about it.) anyways the beginning of that week was three years ago today and as tribute to their friendship – here are some pictures from the past three years you’ve probably NEVER seen before in your lifetime.

the history of a best friendship in the making:


. right after we snck back stage and met THE george jones beside his tour bus . his favorite breakfast food ? sausage/everything .


. snuck into an apartment swimming pool inbetween acts at the 2nd FPSF .


. photo shoot at a once abandoned lot by our school. rode bikes to whole foods on kirby right after .


 . back when we critical massed it often .


. us waiting on mexican food after a late night bike ride .


. us taking photos in that same empty lot . it’s not empty anymore .


. us in galveston . it was windier and less pleasant than expected .

 . us in front of the continental club, after eating at everyone’s favorite tacos a go go .


. dena doing performance art at notsuoh . makenzie taking a turn as the photographer .


. showing off their new color bug hair color c/o muchomuchobuenobueno .


. us in twickenham, uk after the adventure of buying dena’s swedish hasbeen clogs . remember this ?


. us waiting for the parson’s green tube in london .


 . us during our interview on local live radio .


. and here we are now . 2-d and still BFFS . thanks maria .

here’s to many more years to come. as for jamaica pictures – don’t think i forgot – this next week is going to be jamaican y’all crazy with all the island themed posts.

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  1. January 25, 2013

    Aww y’all are great. Your posts always brighten my day!

  2. Bret permalink
    January 25, 2013

    Go Mak and Dena!

  3. Sandy Douglass Abalos permalink
    January 25, 2013

    What a fun trip down memory lane!

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