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road trip: bye marfa, hello new mexico

2013 March 16
by dena

DSC_0937we just spent the second night in the back of the car on the side of the highway. it was $25 cheeper than doing the same thing at el cosmico. and well, we woke up to this: ice on the INSIDE of the windshield. up next, drive away west.


DSC_0940about 45 minutes outside the podunk town of marfa was the Prada store. we noticed bullet holes in the plexiglas, cool. oh and that picture from the sneak peak was from the back of the store.



DSC_0965after a border inspection point, in which we had to state our nationality, we drove through el paso and arrived in new mexico.



DSC_1001we accidentally missed the turn for white sands and had to make it up by going to truth or consequences. cute little almost hippie town.



DSC_0980weird pile of pennies and cassette tape window.



DSC_0985then there was elephant butte, cheep red bulls there btw. and we threw a few seed bombs too.


DSC_0990and then we got to Albuquerque and pulled into our hostel. imagine finally sleeping in a bed where you can straighten your legs.

DSC_0993dinner at my favorite thai place in the “quark”. we liked our waitress a lot. then went back to the hostel in basked in the wifi. YAY breaking bad.


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  1. Sandy Douglass Abalos permalink
    April 3, 2013

    Being able to stretch your legs out while trying to sleep is NOT overrated. Glad you scored some zzzs.

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