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NCECA 47th Annual Conference

2013 March 23
by dena

HEY GUYS IT’S MAK. BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW I BLOGGED ANYMORE. Well I do. And also, I even took these pictures because I have a camera now thanks to a very nice gift before I left for California (THANKS). ANYWAY Dena and I decided to go check out NCECA’s annual ceramics conference so we went to George R. Brown. It was kind of weird because we had no idea where to go and everyone had badges so we just wandered around for a few hours. We tried to follow some people. we also considered making our own nametags. Finally, we figured out where the exhibition part was.
Here’s Dena outside of an airstream turned in to a ceramic store. There were some really neat pieces in here, but nothing we had to take home (although I kind of wish I had).


This was a very strange piece of art. Not super sure what it is exactly??


Okay, I promise there was good art there as well.


I am so cute. I also just learned what a “canadian tuxedo” is. Case in point.P1000226

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