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dena was 22 on the 21st

2013 March 26
by dena

DSC_0113last thursday was my 22 birthday. i spent the day with my kindergarten class (btw: just accidentally wrote “kinderfarten”) we walked to the houston zoo. just want every 22 year old want to do on her birthday – walk in the zoo with 70+ kindergartners. good thing i’m not “every 22 year old” I LOVED IT.

DSC_0123my birthday dinner was extra special. vegan chicken and waffles + A VEGAN CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE. it was divine. thanks roommates.


DSC_0122way to go makenzie. great picture – too bad the calendar is a day behind. at one point halie (the BFF in this picture, said “wow dena great turn out” to which i responded “ya, 10 of these 15 people live here, they didn’t┬ánecessarily┬ácome because they wanted to, they just walked down stairs”) but oh wait – they do like me and would have probably come anyway.


DSC_0127it was mexican train dominoes and complicated word games until CAKE TIME.


DSC_0133i got really nervous, as i always do, and wished for lame things like “i hope i’m happy this year” and “i hope i have fun”. like i could go a whole year without being happy or having fun. guess my wishes already came true. i have le best friends EVER. thanks guys for making my birthday so special.



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  1. Sandy Douglass Abalos permalink
    April 3, 2013

    You’re gonna be the best 22 YO kinderfarten teacher ever. P.S. Don’t forget to get your awesome birthday present I left you at Angela’s apt.. P.P.S. The chocolate/caramel covered granny smith apple from Amy’s Gourmet Apples was delish. Sorry you missed out…

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