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Albuquerque: second to last day

2013 March 28
by dena

DSC_0809you guys are in luck! i still have a dozen or so more “southwestern roadtrip” photos i haven’t posted yet. so looks like Easter weekend on the bog will be filled with hiking + hot springs + gypsum mountain adventures for you guys to live vicariously through. these pictures below were taken on the bf + my “nature day”. after one day of shopping around alburquerque, we felt like having a nature day (more like tony felt like it and i felt obligated) the truth is – i’d love to LOVE hiking, but i actually really don’t at all. anyway, this is us at Bandelier State Park exploring some cliff dweller hideouts.



DSC_0829lots of ladders, of which tony insisted doing them all handless. i told all the ooo-ing and ahh-ing tourists around us NOT to give him any attention.


DSC_0848most of the dwellings opening up into rooms a little bit bigger than the downstairs bathroom at ruth haus. although some were multi-roomed and we joked about labeling them as condominiums.



DSC_0869i was really not too excited about this, but we did it. and of course the bf did it handless.



DSC_0887the view was honestly not that impressive compared to what we saw driving, but living in houston my whole live, i did appreciate it. also keep in mind i was grumpy from the hike.



DSC_0916on the way out we saw deer, their ears are bigger than our texas friends. following the hike we traveled through some snow and went to some hot springs. stay tuned for another post or two.


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  1. Sandy Douglass Abalos permalink
    April 3, 2013

    Loved the above ground spelunking. Didn’t love the handless vertical climbing.

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