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le kindergarten classroom: the beginning

2013 April 12

IMG_0626i’m starting a new blog category today. its been a little stale here lately, and with makenzie gone and everything, its time for something new and hopefully enjoyable. i know its not really a “houstonissogreatanditsmywholelife” sort of post, but it is pretty funny in itself. if you know me in real life, you’d know i’m currently student teaching in a kindergarten classroom. if you didn’t know that before, you do now. imagine spending 8 hours on your feet with 23 other human beings. now imagine they all know your name and say it frequently, have their own way of doing things, have their own feelings and emotions, and their own likes and goals and motives, and you only get a 20 minute lunch break. keep in mind there are 23+ of them and you’re the one making their decisions, and thats what being a teacher is like. needless to say I LOVE IT. here are some goofy pictures of their morning journal work. hope you get a kick out of them.

IMG_0650this is a “happy valentines day” picture


IMG_0671translation: i like caterpillars because they make squiggles.

IMG_0738translation: i like the mouse king because he is awesome. (the nutcracker ballet maybe? i have no idea …)

IMG_0737translation: i like orcas because i like them so much.

IMG_0745translation: this is me at the haunted house it is spooky.

IMG_0758i can’t really gauge if this stuff is cute/funny to me just because i’m a teacher or if even people who aren’t around six year olds all day. so give me so feedback.

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