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sunday afternoon kayak trip

2013 May 8
by dena

DSC00229the bf and i have been wanting to kayak down buffalo bayou for a while. we tried to make it work with our couple friends but guess it wasn’t ment to be. we rented this tandem sit upon duce coupe from austin city kayaks for $45 for 24 hours last sunday afternoon. a pretty great deal and nice guys. thanks ACK.

DSC00235we took off from this little gravel lot near woodway and memorial.  below is the train trestle right inside loop 610 near the picnic loop at memorial park.



DSC00260turtles, damselflies, and birds (herrons and migrating finch things) were the only wildlife we saw. note the turtle pictured above. and yes every time we say “turtle” we pronounce it like that little youtube kid who says, “i like turtles”.

DSC00277heres the bridge to the bayou bend gardens and ima hogg’s house. i went there last week to do some water coloring.



DSC00280tony thought that by being in the back he’d get to make all the rowing decisions, little did he know the front paddlers gets to make all the turns. hehehe.


DSC00304here we are under the shepherd bridge, cool graffiti that was once above water. also, incase you didn’t know, the foot bridge parallel to the car bridge is now open – so bikes and walkers can now cross over with ease.



DSC00321heres the waugh bat bridge. we heard lots of squeaks and smelled the guano alright!





DSC00411we got out at allen’s landing with the help of some homeless guys. we had parked my truck near the spagetti warhouse earlier in the day   -smart us- and once we got it strapped down were good to go. the whole thing took us about 2 1/2 hours. and theres the houston jail !


DSC00413ACK was closed by the time we got home, so we kept the kayak for the night and the bf returned it during his lunch break the next day.


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  1. Cindy permalink
    May 8, 2013

    Looks like you had a fun time! Nice pics. I also like the new banner fabric!

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