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funnel tunnel painting party

2013 July 23
by dena

DSC02424last saturday the bf + bff + bff and our moms (go figure) all went to patrick renners funnel tunnel painting party. it was hot and productive. imagine: lots of skinny slats of wood and lots of paint, some new, but a lot of it in rusty cans – like the kind you’d find in your parents garage. oh and sunshine, so so much sun.

DSC02416we all biked there for different places. notice my new bike in front. HELLO cream + chocolate brown vintage univega from Big Sandy, TX. the bf and i picked it up while visiting his parents and my aunt in north/east texas. best party about it, it was only $100 and fits me perfect!

DSC02417here is tony smirking in front of a lot of pieces of wood he did NOT paint. ours were still drying down below. our color choices: finger nail polish pink and electric blue (in an extra small really rusty can – his only comment was that: “hey, lead paint sure does spread well”)


DSC02419the three amigas. besides wanting to help our old man art teacher patrick justkiddingpatrickthatwasajoke we mostly just wanted FREE food. so once the pinks pizza showed up we ditched our brushes (not really, i actually really love washing out brushes so i def did that) and scarfed really hot pizza to go with the really hot weather.

DSC02423these boards were not ours. we only did solid colors – we’re so classy.

DSC02421and then it got better: yeti sunshine snowballs. wow they were SO freakin good. let me just tell you what flavors they spoiled us with: watermelon, coconut, mango, and lime-basil. i had watermelon + lime-basil and it was like a summery virgin margarita. and yes they were the kind that melt in your mouth.


DSC02429i don’t have much more information on the tunnel, but i do know it will be installed in the montrose median across from the art league/inversion cafe. ready a baby article about it HERE.


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