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illinois state line

2013 August 4
by dena

DSC_0022so we’re in urbana, IL. we left houston monday morning. tony and i had been planning this trip for a few weeks, chris jumped on board the night before, that’s just how he is. we spent the first night with tony’s parents + brother in fort worth. next night in west memphis, AK. and then made it to urbana on wednesday.

DSC_0038my favorite thing about chris coming along for the ride? without a doubt, his brute strength. he helped tony move EVERY heavy thing into the house, and that worked out well for me.


DSC_0032halfway through chris twisted his knee, ouch he said. while the guys were working hard i ¬†cleaned, organized, hung art, and took care of the cat. oh and made sun tea. he has a great front porch for hanging out and tea brewing it turns out. i’ll do a detailed sneak peak post into his place later this week. oh and as of today, we’re in chicago ( or chicagee as we like to call it ) so get ready for a post ¬†about that too.


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