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chicago: part III

2013 August 14
by dena

DSC_0130next day in chicago. we walked down the miracle mile, over the river, and towards to lake. (to bad none of our grandmothers live in chicago)

DSC_0158i really wanted to see this chicago model at the architecture center. i’m so spatially oriented that although we had only explored the city for one and a half days, i was able to point out our route and specific buildings we went in. it’s just a gift i have.


DSC_0133this building stole bricks and rocks from other buildings around the world to put into their walls. then we had coffee with one of tony’s other friends and toured his super modern office. turns out his company designs 1/2 of the mcdonalds toys in happy meals. we got to see the designers working and meet some of his colleagues.

DSC_0135next we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art. that comic book  in the daniel clowes exhibit reminded me of makenzie. the one on the far right that is.




DSC_0145time for another hot dog for chirs. this time he skipped the vienna red beef and went for a polish sausage. he like it better.


DSC_0153then we went to the beach. i climbed the ladder and stood there for a minute. bye chicago. except i do have one more post about this city, little hint: its about a pie shop.

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