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two things: two weeks

2013 September 13
by dena





DSC_0109i’ve been busy working these past two weeks, hence the lack of fun/non-events calendar-posts. but here are some quick pictures from two things i’ve done in the past two weeks. there are no pictures of me, which is something that often happens to the photographer herself but i swear i was there. the first few are from the houston day of free yoga at menil park/rothko chapel. the class was thought by friend and house-mate blair knowles. it was hard and the weather was hot, but the energy was great and i’m glad i went. the second set of photos are of makenzie at the st. mark’s between the bayous sustainable movie night. the movie was BABIES, pretty much 2 hours of four different babies lives all over the world. it was a dang good and made for some crazy baby references by makenzie and i after the discussion. i went to BINGO at market square park last night with some friends and the most exciting thing happened, so get ready for a blog post about that soon!


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