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girls night: fondue + craft party

2013 September 28
by dena

DSC_0093makenzie and i have been wanting to have a girls night + craft party. makenzie’s mom got her a fondue pot for her birthday, so we decided to add that into the mix. we had cheese (beer-cheese) and chocolate for dipping.


DSC_0075later in the night dipping additions included: pineapple, banana, green apples, pretzels, marshmallows, and dang us – we for go to bring out the donuts!


DSC_0078we had some difficultly finding the balance between hot enough – and not scorching on the bottom of the fondue pots. this later made for lots and LOTS of Sterno jokes. turns out you can “drink” it to become intoxicated, looks like poison to me, but if someone was desperate enough i guess.



DSC_0100then we started crafting. individual crafts included: crocheting, felt crafts, embroidering, quilting, zine/envelope making, and nail polish mixing.


DSC_0103the main girl we hosted this for couldn’t come, so guess that’s an excuse to do another one soon.

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