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apple orchard + pumpkin patch

2013 October 19
by dena

DSC02528finally some more pictures of my long weekend in illinois with tony. it’s not often i find myself in the midwest, so we spent sunday doing some typical-american-mid-west-traditions, in other words we went to an apple orchard + pumpkin patch.



DSC02535we bought this kettle corn, and then found some half eaten donuts on a picnic table and snacked on them. we weren’t in the mood to actually pick apples, so i just posed with them. and to spoil your romanticized ideal of an ” apple orchard” it actually smells really bad, like rotting fruit. hint all the fermenting apples on the ground. so don’t be too jealous you weren’t there.



DSC02572next was the pumpkin patch, which looks pretty desolate. guess you had to go further in to get the good ones. everyone was trying to be so cute with their wagons – but we out smarted them. we knew there were already a bunch of picked pumpkins at the bottom of the hill near the little store, so we just posed with these and then bought one further down (without having to lug it around while exploring). well dang, i guess i’m giving all my blog secrets away and just really painting this as a low key non-magical experience! maybe the next few pictures will tell otherwise.



DSC02580i was hair-tie-less, but i did have a LARGE scarf. also, thistles? those sure don’t grow like that in the south! i guess there are a few things alright about the midwest.



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