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better block houston 2013: telephone road

2013 October 30

DSC_0101a few weeks ago i participated in houston’s 2013 better block party on telephone road, tlaquepaque market. better block is this thing that happens every now again (i think it’s an annual thing, but think it’s easier to just leave it vague and then write this disclaimer, than actually look up the details). it’s goal is to enlighten people on how great city life could be if we had more (or all * wink wink mayor parker) “complete” streets. and by “complete” i mean, easy accessibility for all modes of transportation. in a nutshell, and tony’s buzzword, bike lanes bike lanes BIKE LANES!



DSC_0116someone asked me to man their hotdog cart, and then someone else told me i’d be passing out popcorn from it. only one of those things can true. good thing i came prepared with crafts. and wouldn’t you know i actually made a pretty decent profit. just me getting ready for the big houston pop-shop craft show this november (of which i will be participating in so i hope to see you all there).


DSC_0119the whole day was a success. i got to eat “elote con crema” (my favorite), and picked up some free baby pine trees (my other favorite), and it turns out i even won the first prize award for the most creative booth – or something along those lines. it was just really a nice nice day and i’m so happy i got to be a part of it. yayhouston!


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