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pop shop houston 2013: from the other side of the table

2013 December 1

DSC_0008a few months ago i was in a crafting rut. i was making work but didn’t have a venue to display/ sell it. i stumbled upon a pop shop houston vender application and decided to “do something that scared me” and applied. i was accepted and have been in crazy-craft-girl mode ever since.

DSC_0034the sale was this weekend and well, i did SO GOSH DARN WELL. i sold out of almost everything. (in fact i even sold my last astrodome pin right off my jean jacket – logan from Shell, if you’re reading this, THANKS!)

DSC_0006let me give all you newbies a hint (get it, i’ve done one show and now i’m the expert). have cookies at your booth. seriously. it was so fun to say “want a cookie? they’re FREE” to everyone. (the ones i made were ginger snaps, so i tried to prep everyone by saying “they’re gingersnaps,use your molars, they’re hard”. except when makenzie was there, she kept getting mad at me for saying that. i also got in the habit of saying “take a cookie, they’re free, you don’t even have to buy anything” but halie said that was a bad sales pitch. she didn’t know it was reverse psychology and in fact when people came over for a cookie that i so generously gave them, they developed a baby warm spot of me and my crafts in their hearts and 8 out of 10 times ended up buying something anyways. aww yea aww yea aww yea.

DSC_0015makenzie and halie thought i invited them to come hang out, but in fact i was scamming them for their labor. thanks for all the sewing girls!



DSC_0027towards the end of the show i scurried over to lisa chow’s booth and told her (in a really high fast squeaky voice) how much i love craft shows and how fun this was and how much profit i made and how i’m the newest craft-girl and this is going to be my life! and she just nodded and smiled and said “yep, it’s always this fun and you always make a lot of money and you’ll forever want to be craft girl”. get it, she was walking the fine line between not-bursting-my-bubble, being nice, and being honest. thanks LISA !





DSC_0035here i am with my booth neighbors. in the middle is natalie from unicornus rex  and on the right is ebony from campfire quilts. they were so nice and cute and funny and made the whole weekend so enjoyable. thanks for all the wathcing-my-booth-while-i-took-a-bathroom-break-s and getting-me-cookies-from-the-VIP-lounge-while-you-were-up and letting-me-know-beer-was-free and finding-out-who-that-dang-celebrity-was and anyone who doesn’t know who a quilt is – isn’t a friend of ours! (get it guys, it’s out inside joke).


see all y’all at the next craft fair! 

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