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Parades of Playas de Coco

2014 January 30
by dena














Last week there were all sorts of parades in coco. From horses and howler monkeys, to iguanas out my window. (Notice that building in the background of the first picture? That’s my hotel. Name: Cabinas, Internet, Souvenirs. It’s real embarrassing when people ask where I’m staying…) This week has had it’s ups and downs. Somedays I’ll meet an American and have a great 10 minute conversation on the bus. All fast, fluid, and full of slang – on those days I’ll walk to the grocery store after school for my routine Cornado $.35 dulce de leche ice cream with a big smile and feel so good about my trip. (Also feeling good about my much improved Spanish, sometimes locals will come up to me speaking Spanish because they assume I do too) But on other days, like when there was a roach in my room, or when the internet and sun are both down and it’s only 6pm I’ll return to my journal and recount the days, on my homemade calendar, when I can come home.
Today I branched out and had a “chocolate” ice cream, bad choice, but also walked to the yoga studio in town to re-glance at there calendar. Better choice to make up for the last. Should I go to Zumba tonight? I have a little conversation in my head, well it’s only $8 which I cheaper than dinner anywhere in town but it doesn’t start until 7pm which is long after the sunsets and it’s on the other side of town. And it’s “Zumba”, I’m sure I’d be by far the youngest one. At the same time, I haven’t had my nap today so if I take one now I could wake up in time and rested and a random old Canadian guy bought my pizza buffet at movie night last night, so I could afford it and heck – what else would I be doing anyways, already hung out with my one friend today. Guess I’ll go.
For the most part, that’s what traveling alone is like. Lots and lots of talking in my head and usually about not much at all.

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  1. donna yanowski permalink
    February 3, 2014

    what can you tell us about the parade and the costumes / heads? Were those the Howlers? Any more wolf spiders? xo

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