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2014 February 5














I sometimes forget, or at least take for granted, that I’m an artist. My art comes and goes in waves, pretty much everything in my brain shifts like water on an hourly basis. ( thanks ani difranco for that quote!!!) I like to say I’m just really good at living in the moment, and in this moment, I’m a watercolor-er. I was once really in to pottery, had my own wheel and everything. Then I went through a “cut outs of me as a housewife” stage. Photography wormed it’s way in there at some point. I’m now proud to have my dream job as a pre-school teacher where everything from how I literally “draw” my lesson plans to the way I design my classroom is art.
This trip has had highs and lows, and I’ll remember it always through this journal. (Btw, on a side note I recently got this cool steel box at an estate sale in Houston that I keep my journals in, so you know – incase my house ever catches on fire, they’ll be safe)
I still have a few more days in Costa Rica – in which I’m sure doodle some more little baby cute things. But as of today, this is my-art-of-costa-rica and I like every single page of it. (But don’t be jealous, I only “like” every page because I’ve already cut out the ones that didn’t make the cut. I am a very big perfectionist.)

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  1. Sandy Douglass Abalos permalink
    February 6, 2014

    You were certainly channeling Mom/Grandma/Helen Evelyn on the 12th anniversary of her death on your last journal entry. Remember how much she loved playing Solitaire using REAL cards?

  2. Cecelia permalink
    February 17, 2014

    This journal is so inspiring! I came by for the arts calendar, but I am glad I saw this. it’s so beautifully organized. <3

  3. Dena and Makenzie permalink*
    February 17, 2014

    Thanks Cecelia. I’m quite proud of it. Are you an artist? Can I check out your work anywhere?

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