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houston artist town hall meeting

2014 March 1

IMG_4734i’m proud to be an artist in houston, and was excited to be a part of this Houston Artist Town Hall Meeting at the Eldorado Ballroom a few weeks ago. the meeting was well planned, attended, and behaved. in a nutshell, houston is pretty great and there are a lot of artists living here with strong opinions on whats wrong with the art scene- problem is, there is no easy solution, so this town hall meeting ended up being a whole’lotta ┬ápreachin to the choir. i was excited to know 2 of the 3 facilitators (whoop whoop carrie and patrick) and recognize a few of the other artists in the audience. some issues that were brought up regarded: grants, residencies, communication, galleries showing out-of-town artists vs. local artists, and sense of community within the local art scene. i also made a friend sitting nearby me of whom i was able to roll my eyes at during other peoples comments, which was nice, it’s always important to be able to share some non-verbal communication with someone during meetings of this sort.







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