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the dairy ashford roller rink

2014 June 26

IMG_6509this is my second roller skating themed thing in one week and let me just say that driving way out to dairy ashford for this place on k-pop night was pretty much worth the gasoline + $10 skate rental.








IMG_6546my college friends (well, all 2 of them) like to hear/find/come up with weird words and just like put them in our everyday vernacular. when i’m with them, at least one word in each sentence doesn’t sound like english. a few years ago makenzie and i watched the SNL J-POP WOW video (watch it le here) and every now and then we’ll say some random thing from it. POINT IS when we saw “k-pop night at the roller rink” we were like. what? umm, yesssehhh! and it was everything we hoped for. everyone was nice. check. we heard more korean pop music than we will ever hear in one place at one time again. check. we now know that we can literally survive on skates. check. it was actually a work out (as i’m writing this in bed the next morning my legs are literally sore.) and most importantly – we’re one step closer to becoming roller derby girl – one of our millions of DREAMS!


IMG_6508(lastly, we were totally playing off stereotypical korean culture, wouldn’t usually do peace signs in a picture. get it?) (also, like our self timer fail up there. very very embarrassing.)

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  1. Viet Nguyen permalink
    July 3, 2014

    Hi Dena and Makenzie,

    Viet here from annamtik. I just stumbled upon your blog and you guys got some nice pictures of Kpop skate night, could we use some of them to promote the next event? We would of course give your guys the credit and link people to your blog. Thanks again for coming out!

    • Dena and Makenzie permalink*
      July 6, 2014

      HEY there, no problem. use as many/ which ever ones you want! we’re so glad we came out – a very fun night.

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