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4th of july camping trip: all the non-nature parts

2014 July 9
by dena

IMG_6646you can’t tell from this post, but we really did go camping over the 4th of july. like, real camping. 2 mile hike in, no water / electricity / bathrooms real camping! (i literally had to dig a little hole and poop in nature) but anyway, all these pictures are from the non -nature parts. like the eating pie and shopping and seeing old friends (like how my head is just a little blip in the middle of that last picture).

we had most of our meals in the east-downtown area. and by most i mean two: quicky picky and (not pictured) hillside pharmacy (of which we never found our leftovers from that place) (hummm…weird) we did hit up a donut food truck, you’ll see those pictures in a few days!

probably my highlight of this day was going to the original whole foods and, not wanting to use the sunscreen i packed, just looked for samples. we were laughing so hard and that thing happened to us where we become invisible and there was dark chocolate samples and i now have no sunburn thanks to all that. we pretty much just did lots of things.










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