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4th of july camping trip: nature + austin

2014 July 12
by dena

IMG_6671so remember when i swore we really did go camping. like in the woods. far away and alone. well, here is proof. we parked in the hike-in parking lot and then had a 2+ mile hike to our spot. didn’t get too many pictures of the tent (you’ll just have to belieeeeeeve me) but there is a shot of the prayer flags i hung up. ahh priorities, whilepackingfora2milehike.

highlights: we saw an armadillo. we went swimming in a creek, and another one the next day (i wanted to take pictures, but decided to be in the moment instead, go me!) (the deep water was very scary and it there wouldn’t have been crazy daredevil family there too we would have been too wimpy) (also one creek had these big slippery flat rocks and if you were to walk on then you’ll slip so we just slid down them and i got the biggest wedgie + makenzie’s little toe got stuck in one of the cracks and almost got pulled off). we ate a whole foods almost vegan picnic. read our books with headlamps. wore pretty much only sports bras, it was just a l-eee-ttle bit hot, you know, camping in july in texas and all. on saturday we got turned away from hamilton pool (too many people) so went to zilker park // barton springs which was huge-er and colder than i would have ever guess. then it was donut time, gordough’s donut time. we waited in line and had the strawberry shortcake one (not the best thing in the world, but pretty good) then bought a beer and a soad-ie and hiked back home. the second night was hotter and less comfortable than the first. the car ride home meant library books-on-tape time. temple grandin: animals in translation (a book about autism and animal genius) and an NPR comedian interviewee thing with the beavis and butthead creator (we listened to this on the ride up, cue B and BH annoying laughter the whole trip. and an almost home to houston sonic or as we call it (son-iee) treat, a road trip must have.













IMG_6725until next time texas hill country. we like you alright, but houston’s better.

(need more of us and our trips to austin, check out THIS post (austin last year day 1) and THIS one (a.l.y.d.2) and THIS one (in san antonio with jackie) maybe even THIS one (with everyone’s favorite TONY!)

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