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makenzie’s 24th birthday picnic

2014 September 10
by dena

IMG_7331last year makenzie had a little party at double trouble. this year she was planning to have a picnic at menil park, but with all the dang rain last weekend she changed plans and just had it at her house. it was the kind of party where i had no missed texts or calls because all of my friends were in same room as me! in other words it was like so fun. we had snacks and caught up with friends and makenzie made a basil + cardamom cake that was so good and rich we all just sat silently in a circle on the floor and ate it. i pretty much told everyone there how much fun i had the night before at barbarella (hint hint you know who you are), and from there we decided we needed to have a little dance party in makenzie’s living room. we started with some “best little whorehouse in texas” songs (pretty much my favorite musical ever – although frank and i disagreed on our favorite songs) and from there began searching things like “best songs to sing in the shower” and “wedding reception hits” on spotify. and i can’t believe it but it worked, theĀ forced dance party turned into a real one! we had a few guys vs. girls dance off and then we added on a karaoke element. and wow was it fun. at one point i caught frank recording me dancing and oh gawd, i might be seen in a “white people” gif or soemthing someday on the internet. so yep. point is, it was a really fun party, glad you were born gurl!








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