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nikki lane: cactus instore

2014 October 16

IMG_7493so a thing about me is that when i fall for a new band/artist, i fall hard. like obsessively. i listen to them, and only them, and all of them on spotify nonstop all the time until i know all the words to all of their songs. most recently i’ve done this with trampled by turtles, but right before them i was all about nikki lane. when i saw she was coming to houston to do a free show i made a little noise out loud (i was alone in my room making my events calendar at the time, just to put things in perspective for ya). the show was like the best thing ever.






IMG_7491i have a little problem exaggerating sometimes so, just for you tony, i’ll try to tell this part of the story honestly. ok, so i was front center during the show and singing along/ tapping my foot the whole time. right after her set ,nikki kinda skipped (this is where it’s hard for me to remember exactly what happened, so…) point is she got off the stage and walked right up to me and hugged me and then asked, “have we met?” and i said, “no, but i dressed like you today on purpose and love your music” and she said, “ya girl i love your outfit – it seems like we’d be friends or like we’ve already met or something!” them she talked to a few other people and when i saw her later in the autograph line she wrote “to dena my friend and twin” on the LP i bought and drew a little heart tattoo with my name inside it on the picture of her arm on a poster. and WOW the whole thing was very very exciting for me! so if you don’t already like nikki lane, go listen to her and maybe she can be your role model too!


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