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tiki party

2014 December 11
by dena

IMG_8093if you’re friends with us in real life you know that last weekend was really really good. i went to see my girl NIKKI LANE and i think she remembered me from the cactus instore last month (of which i met her and she loved my outfit) (remember that?) (if not, read about it HERE). well, after that i went to barbs – which is always the most fun ever – but then something not fun happened. i woke up with a horrible hangover. and it lasted all the next day and the day after that. i had it during craft sales in the heights and lunch with my mom and worst of all during this way cute tiki party makenzie and i went to. let me tell ya its kind of hard to drink a mai thai when you feel like mega “bleh” but it’s harder to turn on down. and the mini grilled cheeses on hawaiian rolls. those almost made everything else ok.







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