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sunday streets // third ward open house: houston makerspace + TXRX

2015 June 15

IMG_8751i had an interview yesterday for a new hip houston podcast (put on by some way cool folks). it was a mega honor to be invited on as the FIRST guest, and although it won’t be streamable for another month or so, it gave me a new perspective on the work i do here at panchoandleftey and burst of energy regarding blogging and my place as a houston culture blogger. so get ready for more follow up event posts + pictures of me out and about + reviews of things around town. as always – leave me a comment and//or talk to me in person if you see me in real life.

remember last month when the sunday streets happened on the east side? makenzie and i beat the rain and checked out the new houston makerspace location + toured TXRX’s newest shops in their space. (kinda wish we would have gone later on two wheels and hung out with all our guys on bikes friends – but we went early for the goodie bags). i love love loved the jewelry classes i took from claire webb at makerspace last year (i’m wearing two of the rings i made as i type this) and for my next thing i get interested in // get obsessed over // master and move on …. calligraphy! anyone else want to take an intro class with me?








IMG_8771weirdest thing about the TXRX tour was walking into their bike workshop and seeing my old wheel – the one that got run over when i was hit by a truck a few years ago. (don’t remember that? read about it + see pictures of my butt HERE) i knew the bike tour group made 1000 paper cranes to hang off it but didn’t know where it went. so that was weird.

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