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waterballoons part 6

2015 July 25
by dena

IMG_9078i first stumbled upon this waterballoon sub-culture a month or two ago on facebook. it was a recommended event, and i thought why the heck not post it on my events calendar. (there’s hardly ever anything good happening on sunday afternoon). i stopped by the waterballoons part 5 event at menil park to kill some time before an interview i had for a new houston podcast (more on that when the editing’s done and it’s posted) and holy holy. there was literally one million people and all of them had one million waterballoons and there was music and a tarp for slip n’ sliding and it was one huge party. it was the coolest thing i’d seen in a long long time. i love things where lots of individuals get to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

this one, waterballoons part 6, hosted at ervan chew // dunlavy park onjuly 12th, was less impressive than the pervious one but still a cool thing. makenzie went with me, she didn’t realize it was a BYO-waterballons and, hence her face in the last picture, was disappointed she couldn’t participate.




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