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stark naked theatre company: small mouth sounds

2015 September 24

IMG_9839 i’ve been doing this blog since spring of 2012 and for the most part have loved it the whole 3 1/2 years. it started as a bff college lifestyle blog and when the bff moved on to her own corner of the internet, i stuck around and continued to post pictures of me in houston and blah blah. one summer, i saved up the cash to get my hair cut and styled by muchomuchobuenobueno‘s brandi. yes i wanted a haircut, but mostly wanted an excuse to hang out with her – she’s so cool and hip y’all! the whole dynamic got turned around when we started talking about blogging and she complimented makenzie and me, saying it seemed like we somehow know all the cool things to do and she wished we’d post them in a weekly calendar. what the what! our internet role model thought we were the cool ones – ok i said, and thus the panchoandleftey weekly houston events calendar was born. since then i’ve been posting things i’d personally find myself attending – and even if no one else cares – i check it almost daily just to see what my plans are for the evening. so lets just say it gets some traffic. i love it when people leave comments // email me events i’m not aware of (and when they send me compliments! those are lit-trally the best) but it wasn’t until last week that a real perk happened. a thing about me is that i love live music + performing + visual art and most of what i do outside of work is attending artsy things. (eating breakfast tacos and dancing at barbs is kind of considered an art form, right?) well anyway the coolest thing happened! STARK NAKED THEATRE COMPANY emailed me asking if i’d post their upcoming show: small mouth sounds on my calendar. (i would have done it anyway – i’ve been to a few of their shows in the past and have a place for them + local houston theatre troupes in general in my heart) but they did an even cooler thing – which was GIVE ME 2 FREE TICKETS! you know i LOVE free things! so yay for me! i went to the show with a real gem of a friend (now that was a shout out if there ever was a shout out!) and what the heck. the show was about six people of a silent retreat – you know i have opinions about silent retreats after just getting back from one myself – and even outside of that it was so SO good. all the good things that could happen in a play (outside of singing. i LOVE musicals. this was not one.) all the good things you’d want in a show – this had them. laugh out loud moments, eyebrow raises (cool fact – i met fat tony at a bar last week and he complimented my eyebrows!) parts where you might almost tear up, characters you can relate to, cheap drinks at the bar, and the like. if you need a date idea, or something to do with your mom, or even a thing to do by yourself so later when people ask what you did last weekend you can sound brave and cool for having done something alone GO TO THIS SHOW! and if you’re hosting an event and want this kind of positive press, email me and i’ll probably give it to you – even if you don’t give me free admittance – although, free things are always nice. (side note: how cool are those “press reserved” signs that were on our chairs? my blog is legit!)IMG_9837

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