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sneak peek: dena’s new apartment: bedroom

2016 February 5
by dena

IMG_9928oh my gosh having my own place is LITERALLY the best thing ever. i thought i’d be, i don’t know, loney? or maybe i thought paying for my own bills would be too much? well lemme just say if you know me in real life you know how busy i am so i don’t have time to be lonely. and bills? uhh, my electricity was $12 last month, so yeah, not a problem. on top of that i get to wear whatever i want around the house and play my music as loud as i want (sorry neighbors) and decorating. holy HOLY i can’t even tell you how much fun i’m having decorating. my school teacher schedule gives me just enough time to hit up the guild shop // charity guild // bluebird circle before they close at 3:30 and i’m going, ehhh, maybe a baby bit crazy. anyway, here’s my bedroom. i’m trying a thing that’s new for me, white walls and less clutter – but don’t worry the rest of the rooms make up for it. next week i’ll post the bathroom // kitchen // living room. GET EXCITED. and then come visit it in real life – i want to be a hostess !!! IMG_9927


IMG_9930things i love about this room: all the natural light (it looks straight off pinterest in the afternoon light) // all my plant babies (although watering them, i have like 7+ in every room, takes a good 20 minutes of my day) // the bff pictures i have in frames on my night stands (and in my closet. a little treat each time i get dressed) // the fish bowl of missing-their-pair socks in my closes // the nikki lane poster + felt mountian and cactus babies // the fact that my full length mirror is on a spice rack shelf and not just hung on the wall) // my hand made rugs (i’ll have to do a whole rug post – seeing that the 3 i’m currently making are taking up all my free time) // all the quilts my great-grandma made on my bed (i basically don’t have heat in my house, so lots of blankets it is).

it’s a small room but so so perfect for me. come watch movies in bed with me !!!

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  1. February 6, 2016

    WOW. It looks awesome. Yahooooooooo

  2. February 11, 2016

    I am still thinking about how serious is the last sentence?!! 😀

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