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sneak peek: dena’s new apartment: bathroom

2016 February 18
by dena





i love my bathroom. i love that i can see the sunset out the window and the pristine 1950s green tiles and the white hexagon floor tiles and the vintage medicine cabinet and that i don’t share my hot water heater with any neighbors. but don’t be too jealous, my knees basically touch the bathtub when i sit on the toilet and my window only opens a few inches and the sink i like 14 sizes too big for the space.

ok now for the things i can control: i may have bought dr. bronners “almond” soap just so it coordinates with my color scheme // i’m proud of my fish bowl nail polish collection // like more proud of the fish bowl display factor than the nail polish it’s self //  i found that cactus records wooden record bin in a heavy trash pile while i was in high school and love using it as a catch-all extra surface // coconut oil basically defines my life // how smart am i to get S hooks from the hardware store for hanging my makeup bag and straightener // ikea shower curtains beat target ones by one million // i’m really into body brushing, hence my body brush // that weird horse picture decoupaged onto a piece of wood is from astroworld, my aunt bought it in the 70s and it was hanging in my grandparents house all during my childhood // i perked up my ponytail BIG time before taking that last picture. just btw. yep. okay. that’s my bathroom.

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  1. February 19, 2016

    It is very nice and interesting. what makes it more exciting for me is the way you see these objects and the details and beyond that the way you think about your life. good job. I am a big fan of natural light. take advantage of the sunlight beams coming through your house 🙂

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