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superbowl garden work day: best low key party ever

2016 April 24
by dena

IMG_9938whoops (and yes if you sent that snap, i heard through the grapevine and now you should do something in person, dramatic and surprising) anyway 2 months later and here are some pictures i never posted. highlights of this superbowl party: it was at the most beautiful house in 3rd ward (supposedly aretha fraklin used to hang out here) and although there was a lot of garden work to be done, there were too many cooks in the kitchen so makenzie and i got to sit on garden lounges and sunbath while everyone else planted fruit trees and do hard work stuff. but. speaking of cooks in the kitchen, we did wash all the dishes after lunch and the girl host/house owner now forever loves us. (washing dishes at a party is basically the best gift one could ever give. remember that) also we watched just enough of the game – it was a superbowl party – and dinner was vegan so it was basically the best party ever. also a new garden girl friend AND summer strawberry shiner beer. all the good things.






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  1. April 24, 2016

    i like these post especially when photos included too. i had fairly the same super bowl Sunday, just cooking food for those who were watching the game 😀

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