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texas road trip: places i stayed

2016 August 5
by dena





IMG_0372i typed out a whole long thing about how sorry i was to have not posted anything non-calendar in so long and blah blah blah, but then deleted it because – that’s dumb. no need to enter more guilt into the world. so anyway, here are some pictures from last (heck, not even last – i’ve been on one since then EKKK) texas road trip. anyway, i did one of these “places i stayed” posts from my kentucky + tenessee trip last year and loved the format. so here’s another:

1 . middle school bff’s lake house “camp creek” near madisonville, tx // 2 . family house in my dad’s home town bremond, tx // 3 . camping at davy crockett nation forrest with some new and newer friends // 4 . woodward lumber hostel in san antonio, tx // 5 . aunt sandy’s house on lake sam rayburn in east texas // also, i didn’t take pictures but i stayed at my second cousin dena’s house in gruene, tx + rachel currier’s new place in austin . so yep .

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  1. Vahid permalink
    August 12, 2016

    Thanks for sharing the photos and memories. sounds very good and fun. and glad to see you are keeping it up and you are about to go another road trip. I wish I were adventurous enough to do so 😀

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