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defend the sacred: eco-skill share

2017 February 22

IMG_1537not last sunday but the one before i went to a skill share at japhet creek. i mostly went to support my good friend andrew cobb BUT kind of doubled up on support, seeing that it was a fundraiser for “two riversan indigenous prayerful resistance camp fighting the Trans-Pecos-Pipe-Line in the big bend region of west texas and who can protest that. except, actually that’s kind of a bad joke because turns out someone in washington with little hands and a lot of other people who spend their time making what i categorize as bad choices actually do. DUMB. anyway, i was there for the end of the rain gardens talk, compost – from a microbial perspective, wild edibles, and zen meditation. there was also a potluck  and just all around good people. i know it’s ignorant to live in this kind of bubble, where everyone has the same views on politics and also loves homemade vegan food and sitting in the grass listening to friends and friend’s of friends share their skills and not even cursing the blazing sun or mosquitos in february. BUT it just so nice. it’s such a comfortable community for me and i’m so happy to be able to take things like this for granted. i love the people i chose to surround myself with. and yes nick, the one you think is him is him.





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