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houston events calendar: march 27 – april 2, 2017

2017 March 26
by dena

houston events calendar march 27 april 2 2017

hey yall. get ready for all the open mics, what is it freshman year of college in houston again? anyway, besides that, there is so much happening this week. get excited, especially if this almost TOO perfect weather sticks around. all the things at rec room, HA i promise they don’t pay me to advertise for them. and the black hole 6 year anniversary HOW did that happen so fast. someone asked me to visit them in nashville again this weekend, that’d be fun but also good-to-know i could still be busy if i stayed home. i love you so much houston.

monday march 27, 2017:

tuesday march 28, 2017:

  • maker meetup . magpies and peacocks . 7-9pm . FREE
  • bingo night . the secret group . 8pm . FREE + $ for your bingo cards
  • open mic comedy . boondocks . 9:30pm . FREE
  • karaoke . arlos . late – 2am . FREE . i kind of like how this is a secret gem of an event, so only come if you’re cool

wednesday march 29, 2017:

thursday march 30, 2017:

friday march 31, 2017:

saturday april 1, 2017:

sunday april 2, 2017:

on going events this week:

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